Kona Village Shopping Center, 75-5744 Alii Drive, Kailua Kona HI 96740 (map)



What does chocolate covered, blue balls, donkey beans and kailua kona hawaii have in common? Well you can't have chocolate covered blue balls, and you can't have chocolate covered kailua kona, but you can have chocolate covered donkey balls, and you can have blue balls, donkey beans, donkey balls, and you can get them all at the donkey balls store in kailua kona hawaii! A gift shop with gourmet chocolate. From the founder of the Original Donkey Balls Factory is the new Donkey Balls store, Kailua Kona's favorite gift baskets, candy, donkey beans and of course..donkey balls! Our gift shop with gourmet chocolate makes custom gift baskets with cookies, candy and donkey balls. Want to send someone a gift basket with chocolate covered donkey balls? If you know the Original Donkey Balls Factory, then come visit our store in kailua kona hawaii, or order some gift baskets right here. All gift baskets are made to order, so pick out your chocolate covered treats, candy,  gourmet chocolate, macadamia cookies, blue balls and more, then we will do the rest. Send gift baskets from kailua kona to the world, donkey balls!


Donkey balls are macadamia nuts covered in layers of fresh gourmet chocolate. A dusting here, dark chocolate, milk chocolate and we have all sorts of great flavor combinations and names. If you know the Original Donkey Balls Factory, a gift shop with gourmet chocolate, then come to Keoki's Donkey Ball Store and gift baskets in Kailua Kona Hawaii. We have the complete selection of donkey balls, donkey beans, cookies, candy plus a great selection of 100% Kona coffee. Hand picked Kona coffee is preferred by coffee connoisuers around the world. And the good news is..we ship Kona coffee, cookies, candy, gift baskets and donkey balls around the world. So come visit us on Alii Drive in Kailua Kona, or shop on line. Want a goft basket? Let us know what you want in there and we will make a gift basket with donkey balls, Kona coffee, cookies, candy, apparel, coffee mugs and more. A gift shop with gourmet chocolate. On behalf of Keoki and the Donkey Balls Store "Hee-Hee-Ha!"


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